A design that blends the best elements from an Electric Bicycle, Cargo Bike, Tadpole Tricycle, and Velomobile.


The bike-commuting movement continues to gain traction as more people are focused on improving their health, while making an effort to reduce pollutants and relieve road congestion. A bike is a great tool - but in some cases, it’s simply not enough.


And then, for many of us, a car is just too much. Beyond the purchase price – and the ongoing burdens of license, insurance, registration fees, maintenance, fuel, storage – the daily traffic and hassle of trying to find a parking space is enough to throw in the towel. For many urban commuters, a car is an undesirable option – yet walking or public transportation also doesn’t make the cut.


Virtue Bike is bridging that gap with the Pedalist – a front-cargo tadpole tricycle with an outer shell and electric power. The "driver" remains comfortable and protected while traveling – and gains the added benefit of actually ENJOYING the ride!


Health and Environmental Benefits

2013 AAA research finds average true car ownership cost over $9,000/year*; Technically, one could get a Pedalist in 6 months of car-ownership expense.

Beyond eliminating the costs & headaches associated with cars, Pedalists gain the health benefits of cycling while enjoying the riding experience.


The Pedalist offers enormous environmental benefits. We’re 100% green with zero emissions and provide a physical footprint that’s less than a third of the typical car. Technically, the Pedalist has the potential to reduce traffic congestion by 60%.


Electric bicycle convenience

Our pedal-assist feature and full-electric power options allow you to tackle intimidating hills without even breaking a sweat.


Just like e-bike, no license & registration required in most places*, unless you start going over the top with its massive electric possibilities. The 750W electric motor & 48v 32A li-ion battery would provide a range of 50+ miles per charge. The cargo space would easily fit 10 of them and provide 500+ miles of range; and of course, the pedal-assist mode would add significant additional miles to it.


There are three modes of riding the Pedalist: pure pedal, pedal assist (the electric motor multiplies your pedaling power), & throttle (electric) only. While you could go as fast as you'd like with the first two modes, we limit the throttle-only speed to 20mph on the computer. This is to classify it as a tricycle (not a moped or scooter) in California's, and most States', regulations*.


2+1 Seating configuration

The Pedalist has 2+1 seating configuration, second adult could sit behind the cyclist while a bicycle’s toddler’s seat may be attached in the front cargo space, which would also fit a medium sized pet.


Benefits of being as narrow as a bicycle

While comfortable bicycle lanes are supposed to be 4-5 feet wide, many are under 4 feet. Boasting a width of just 35 inches, the Pedalist can go anywhere a bicycle can: in bike lanes, on sidewalks, across campus, and even through the front door of your home or office.


Our skinny form factor is designed to maneuver between parked cars or congested roads, and you can swiftly navigate between standard car and bicycle lanes.


Safer than a bicycle

Our unique tadpole design features two wheels in front to give the Pedalist added stability and control. Head and tail lights offer optimum visibility while on the road – contributing to the safety of both the Pedalist and periphery traffic – while the Virtue Pedalist’s height provides visibility (to see and be seen) beyond that offered by traditional recumbent-based velomobiles.


Maintenance free... Well, almost

In addition to negating the massive maintenance needs of a car, the Pedalist, as a cycling machine, is equipped with improved cycling components that reduced major bicycle maintenance requirements. The Pedalist features internal 8 speed gear hub, magnesium wheels, & disc brakes.

Join our movement and let’s bridge the gap together – step into the Virtue Pedalist!


















100% GREEN


  • Can the sides be enclosed?

    We're currently developing a roll-up cover that would enclose the side openings when needed. This will be available as an add-on feature.

  • How steep of a hill can it climb?

    We have tested it in San Francisco, California, going up Hyde street, from Bay to Lombard st, a 21% grade, with approximately 180lbs of payload. It runs really well.

  • Can we install a trailer for additional cargo?

    There are detachable panels at the bottom rear end of the Pedalist. These provide access to the rear axle/hub of the tricycle for attaching hooks to the rear trailer.

  • How is this different from the Elf?

    1. Elf (Organic Transit) is recumbent based tricycle. This results in a more relaxed low-riding position. Pedalist (Virtue Cycles) is city-bike based tricycle. The riding position is more like those of regular upright bicycles, i.e. Commuter, mountain/road/hybrid bikes. This allows cyclist to see higher than most sedan cars.


    2 & 3. Elf is 48 inch wide; this adds stability to the ride. Pedalist is 35 inch wide, focusing more to fitting inside bicycle lanes. For stability, Pedalist owe its credits to Nihola of Copenhagen; it lowers the center of gravity by using 20 inch tires, which at the same time, diminish weak points at the spokes length and increase payload capacity.


    4. Pedalist enjoys 2nd person to sit in the back & extra space in the front.


    5. Learning from Tesla, Pedalist's approach to diminish range-anxiety is by providing higher Amp li-ion battery, in this case 32A (as opposed to 10A). Elf's approach is by providing solar panel.


    6. Elf (Organic Transit) is based in Durham, North Carolina.

    Pedalist (Virtue Cycles) is based in San Diego, California

  • Why doesn't the Pedalist tilt?

    Tilting is helpful during turning at high speeds. As a matter of fact, we have had two versions of tilting in past prototypes. Here's our findings & why we're back to non-tilt:


    A. Mechanical tilt will not stand upright during stops (requiring kickstand), unless you'd go wide and short.


    B. Counter productive at an angled road (one side is higher than the other side of the road).


    C. Computerized and hydrolic controlled tilting are expensive. You see them in cars like Toyota i-Road that costs more than $20k.


  • Can I Pre-Order the Pedalist?

    Yes, Go over to Virtue Cycles and place your order today. We currently have a ship date of November 15 ,2015


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